Traditional Theatre Training in Kyoto

Interested in traditional Japanese theater? Check out this amazing opportunity to study under masters in Kyoto! Early bird deadline for applications is April 15th!


Designed to overcome obstacles of time, introductions, money, and language, T.T.T. offers daily study with masters in noh dance-drama, kyogen stylized comedy, or nihonbuyo classical dance.

Classes are small, 6-8 persons, teachers masterful, with little interpreting needed. A recital on the Oe Noh Theatre in downtown Kyoto culminates the training. This year, the 2-day Orientation/Workshop sessions are also open to independent participation. There are partial scholarships for artists and teachers, veteran and early-bird specials.

Students, performers, teachers, and Japanologists of all ages, genders, and nationalities. (Kyogen requires basic Japanese conversational ability.) Orientation and Workshops are conducted bilingually, while the physical training requires little interpretation.
Participation for the workshop only is also possible: see homepage for details.

General 80,000 yen / Student 60,000yen

This includes Woskshops, training, and Recital fees.
Veterans of previous T.T.T. will receive a 20,000 yen discount (General 60,000 / Student 40,000)
Artist scholarships are also available by selection (60,000)

Those completing applications before April 15th will receive an additional 5,000 yen discount.
*Participants are need fans and tab (split- toed socks) for daily practice. We will advise you how and where to purchase them(these should cost less than 10,000 yen).

●Application Procedures
Complete the Application Form and send it to the Kyoto Art Center by post or complete it on the web site.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until the course is filled. Notification will be sent out by late July at the latest.
*Please send profiles (c.v. or artistic / educational background), and statement of purpose by attachment (any formats is acceptable in A4 or lettersize).

Participants are welcome to find their own accommodations, or we will make arrangements (approximately 5,000yen~/day). For more details or special needs, please ask us.
Please indicates the dates between July 21-August 12 that you will need housing.
*if you wish to arrive earlier or stay later, this may be possible: please indicate your planned dates of arrival and departure.

Please see temporary homepage for further details:

About Paula

Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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4 Responses to Traditional Theatre Training in Kyoto

  1. Celia Ashley says:

    Good Morning,
    I was trying to access the link to the application form for the theatre training. Each time I try, I am unsuccessful. Is there any way you could send me an attachment with the application?

    Thank you.

    Celia Ashley

  2. Celia Ashley says:

    Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. I also tried to find an address, so I could apply in writing. Maybe it’s too early right now.

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