Shashi Interest Group Workshop on March 31 will be live ustreamed on USTREAM

Dear Japanese Studies colleagues,

The Shashi Interest Group Workshop at CEAL/ASS/ICAS Conference will be live ustreamed on USTREAM globally. The URL of USTREAM for the Workshop will be and hashtag will be #shashi. Please join us by USTREAM and login to Twitter to share your comment.
Broadcasting time will be 7-9 pm March 31 in Hawaii, which means:

East Coast, will be 3-5 am April 1 (+6 hours)
West Coast, will be 10 pm-12 am March 31 (+3 hours)
Japan, 2-4 pm April 1 (+19 hours).

Workshop title and place:

Researching With Shashi: A Workshop on Using Japanese Company and Institutional Histories and Archives
Sponsored by the Japanese Company Histories Interest Group (Shashi Group)
Thursday, March 31
Room 303A, SESSION# 191
Hawaii Convention Center, Level 3

Thank you for your attention,

Hiroyuki Nagahashi Good
Chair, Japanese Company Histories (Shashi) Interest Group
Japanese Bibliographer
East Asian Library
University of Pittsburgh

About Paula

Paula lives in the vortex of graduate life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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2 Responses to Shashi Interest Group Workshop on March 31 will be live ustreamed on USTREAM

  1. Dear Editors of the blog,

    Thank you very much for putting our Shashi Interest Group Panel on your blog. We had a good panel with more than 30 audiences and 25 USTREAM attendees. The USTREAM of the panel is now offline and cannot be seen, but I am working on that. Please visit the USTREAM again to check if it backs to online.

    I am interested in your blog since I am a Japanese Studies Librarian and I know many students who are studying Japanese Studies for BA, MA and PhD in the University of Pittsburgh. I will RSS of your blog and introduce your blog on my blog “Nihon Kenkyu at PITT”.

    Thank you for doing this.


    • Paura says:

      Dear Hiro,

      Thank you very much for your comment. I greatly appreciate your enthusiasm for spreading digital resources online. I feel this is a very important way to distribute information for students and researchers in Japanese Studies. This summer I think I would like to compile a list of university-affiliated Japanese Studies blogs and list them as a resource here, your own blog included.

      On a side note, we met two weeks ago during my visit to Pittsburgh. Thank you for discussing the university’s resources with me at that time. It was a pleasure to meet you and become acquainted with Pitt’s library resources. 🙂



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