Fun Link Friday: Do you know your prefectures?

Back to some fun game links, this week we’re featuring two prefectural guessing games to see if you know your Japan geography! They’re simple, but very addictive.

The first, from is Prefectures of Japan. Each prefecture has a little blue dot, and text appears at random telling you which one to locate on the map. You get a timer as well as a percentage correct, so it’s fun to keep track of your best time and score each play.

The second, from is Statetris-Japan. Based off of the classic Tetris, of course, the prefectures fall as individual shapes for you to situate properly on the map. Since you’re confined to the dropping process (meaning the south-eastern prefectures come down first), it seems like it might be easy, but there’s three levels of difficulty to the game (Easy, Medium, and Hard).

In Easy mode, the prefectures appear stationary (not able to be turned like in Tetris) with the names attached, which is helpful if you’ve never studied the locations before. With Medium mode, the names are still included, but the prefectures appear randomly on their sides. You must maneuver them into the right orientation for them to fall properly. Finally, Hard mode has nameless, mobile pieces for you to shift around. A timer is included with this game, too, and both have hints appear if you get answers wrong a lot.

There you go! Challenge yourself and improve your Japan geography knowledge. Each site also features geography games for other countries around the world if you want to beef up you world map.

Know any others Japan geography games online? Email us at and we’ll feature them in a future post!

So what’s your best time? 🙂

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Paula lives in the vortex of graduate life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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