Job Openings at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Thanks to Joel D., former Kagoshima CIR for JET for the info!

Based in Beppu City in Oita prefecture, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University is part of the Ritsumeikan Trust, a large and long established educational institution, with a rich history of academic achievement and a continuing high profile in the academic world, both within Japan and Internationally.

Currently, there are job postings for faculty and staff positions that are open to both Japanese and International citizens. Japanese language ability is required or preferred for all of the open positions. Details can be found at the following web address:


Jop Opening: Assistant Professor
Application Deadline: January 14, 2011 (applications must arrive by this date)

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University is recruiting 1 Assistant Professor for Research to be affiliated with and contribute to a research project entitled:“Research on Technological, Management, and Social Scenarios to Achieve a Low Carbon Society.”

They a looking for an individual with a background in fields of engineering, management, or sociology related to the“Low Carbon Society Project” in China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and other Asian countries. In particular, work experience or research background in eco-innovation is desired (i.e. new energy such as solar-cell/wind power, hybrid/electric cars, energy-efficient technology).

For minimum qualifications and other job details, please refer to the Ristumeikan Asia Pacific University Employment Opportunities webpage:

Advice to Applicants
To ensure that your application receives due consideration, please ensure that you submit all the documentation requested in a current vacancy notice. Applications that do not satisfy stated requirements are unlikely to be considered. Each posting has its own mailing address for applications.

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