CIA Open Source Center

If you’re interested in government work with foreign languages, you may want to check out what the Open Source Center has to offer. I encountered this resource via an email on an information session happening at Ohio State, but the only info besides the website that I have is below.

Sure enough, there is nothing that I can find on the site which leads you to information about becoming a part of OSC. Only government employees have access to the information as well. But then again, this is the CIA- secrecy is everything, right? If you think government intelligence is for you, it might be worth taking a closer look and trying to find out how to join through some of their contact info. You can find a brief PDF of OSC’s history here.

The Open Source Center (OSC) is the US Government’s premier provider of foreign open source intelligence. provides information on foreign political, military, economic, and technical issues beyond the usual media from an ever expanding universe of open sources. Our website contains sources from more than 160 countries in more than 80 languages and hosts content from several commercial providers, as well as content from OSC partners.

If you are not eligible for an account because you do not have an official U.S. Government purpose, you may subscribe to OSC information through World News Connection (WNC), an on-line news service. Please contact WNC at or at 1-800-3-DIALOG.


OPEN SOURCE OFFICERS (OSOs), the Intelligence Community’s experts in collecting and analyzing publicly available information in the foreign arena in support of national security.  OSOs use foreign language and area knowledge to review and assess publicly available information (radio, TV, press, etc), Internet sites, and specialized publications to deliver high-impact products to the US foreign policymakers. OSOs develop and apply in-depth knowledge of a broad range of publicly available information to identify trends, patterns, and often subtle relationships that provide unique insights into national security issues.

OSOs may specialize in an area of the world (country or region) or a specific topic (i.e., targeting, military, economics, emerging media technologies, terrorism, weapons proliferation, science & technology, etc).  Additionally, OSOs may manage the collection and analysis of open sources by foreign national staff and contractors throughout the United States and overseas.

Foreign Languages Sought:

Chinese, Turkish, Kurdish, Japanese, Dari/Pashto, Farsi/Persian, Indonesian, Korean, Urdu, Arabic, Russian and Central Asian dialects, East European languages, two or more West European languages, regional dialects, etc.

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Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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