Blog Review: JETs with J.D.s

Using Japanese with a very specific field in mind can be a challenge. Unless you’re pursuing translation or English-teaching positions (the standard answer for most who step out with a Japanese B.A.), it’s likely that you’ll have a difficult time trying to garner advice from someone who’s doing exactly what you are. Luckily, there are some sites like JETs with J.D.s out there which offer advice and resources for people pursuing both law and Japanese language.

The creator of this site offers information on entering law from the unique standpoint of someone who has JET programme experience. He discusses the finer points of what that experience means in terms of being prepared to enter law school and how it makes you a more (or less, depending on how you spin yourself) attractive candidate to schools. There are a lot of really unique resources here, such as Japanese law dictionaries, a list of Japanese legal associations, firms located in Tokyo, and Japanese pronunciation guides for law firms that any person entering this dual field will find enormously helpful. Personal advice as well as the advice available from top schools is provided for things like social networking and the interview process.

All of this is presented in a thorough, professional manner with lots of outgoing links for further info. If you’re entering law and have JET experience under your belt, or even if you just have Japanese language skills and entering law school has crossed your mind, checking out JETs with J.D.s is definite must.

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